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29 May 2017
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Many thanks to everyone who came out to support us today as we paid tribute to those who left for the battlefields of the Great War through the gates of the railway station in Edenderry. Many left, few returned. Thanks to Ancre Somme Association (our partners in this project), to the living history group who set up camp at Major Atkinson's former home EdenVilla, the fantastic ghost soldiers in the town centre, Hillhaven FB, Capt Doug Beattie MLA, Carla Lockhart MLA, historian Richard Edgar, Mark Mullen bugler, our political representatives, the Loyal Orders, Sam with Ghost and Angel, our two wee nurses, our friends from Kilkeel and Castlederg, the Catering Team in Edenderry 1st Presbyterian and the PSNI (especially the community team).

We are pleased to be working in partnership with ANCRE SOMME ASSOCIATION on this joint project. We will be researching the social impact the Great War had in the Portadown area, concentrating on the Edenderry area where the old train station was situated. The Portadown train station was a major thoroughfare used by the soldiers going to and returning from the war. On Saturday 19th November 2016 we erected a plaque at the old train station pillars which still stand. More news to come we will keep you posted!

Edenderry is one the oldest, most historic areas of Portadown and was once the Hub of industry in the town. We are proud of our community, our community spirit, our culture and our heritage and aim to promote these qualities at every opportunity.

The Edenderry Community Development Association was formed following a public meeting in March 2004 by residents and former residents of the area, with the aim of improving the knowledge of the public by giving them greater involvement in the wider community and promoting awareness of history, folklore and the cultural heritage of the area.

The Association was established to benefit the people of the greater Edenderry area regardless of class, creed or other opinion. We operate from Edenderry Orange Hall, Bridge Street, Portadown and most of our activities take place in the hall. Mr Jim Edgar, a true gentleman and a founder member and Honorary Secretary, devoted the last years of his life to our group and left us with a strong desire to further promote the richness of Edenderry's community spirit.

To date the Association has Art Classes, Card Craft Classes, Fair Weather Walking group, Click & Chat group, Cultural & Historical Society, Arch Committee and Bellydance classes. We also publish a newsletter “Edenderry News” on a regular basis.

One of our Cultural and Historical Society's first projects was researching the Wade pottery factory which operated in Watson Street. Visit www.wadeireland.co.uk for full details of the pottery project.

The Society have also published a book on the history of Edenderry which is told with many photographs and a wealth of well researched information.
Portadown Railway Station    
The history of Portadown Foundry has also been explored by ECHS thanks to a grant of £21k from the Heritage Lottery Fund. A book "A History of the Foundry 1844-1983" was launched in Oct 2012. Click on the "History of Portadown Foundry" Tab above for access to The Foundry Page.

The Arch Committee have completed the New Arch project and the arch was opened by David Simpson MP, and dedicated by the Rev Dr Stafford Carson.

The major refurbishment of Edenderry Orange Hall funded by THE BIG LOTTERY, is now complete and it is a pleasure to work in. Indeed we are indebted to THE BIG LOTTERY for their support.

Our long-term objectives include the ability to secure core funding for a part time secretary manager in order to promote and organise the various groups.
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Click & Chat group- ''wee hats''
Click & Chat group- ''wee hats''

Ladies from our Click & Chat group knit 100 ''wee hats'' for premature and tiny babies. We are delighted that they''ve been delivered and thank the hospital staff for this photo.
Remembering the Somme
Remembering the Somme

Free event
Community Activities: Remembering the Somme
Free showing of Ancre. Somme Association DVD
: Remembering the Somme
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